Video Volume Booster

Our đoạn clip editor has a great video volume booster tool, using which you can change the volume of any video. You don"t need any special knowledge or experience with clip editors to adjust the volume of videos with this platform. The application allows you to lower the volume if the original volume was high, or raise it if the original sound was quiet. The application supports all types of đoạn phim files, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV and so much more!


How lớn make a đoạn clip louder?

Upload your video

The easiest way to tải về your project into the volume booster is khổng lồ simply drag & drop your video file with your mouse. The upload will start automatically. After the system analyzes the file, you will be able khổng lồ work with the editor. You can also upload a file using the open file button, as well as by opening the tệp tin from cloud storage (Google Drive or DropBox). If the video clip is on another website, just specify the URL of the đoạn phim and paste it into the search field.

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Adjust the volume

After uploading the file, the slider will be set to zero (the default volume). If you want khổng lồ increase the volume, drag the slider to the right. The volume level will be shown on the right. Lớn decrease the volume, drag the slider lớn the left. Accordingly, the percentages will decrease in this case.

Check the result

After setting the volume lớn the desired level, you can view the result by pressing the Play button. If you are not satisfied with the volume level, adjust the volume again. If you still decide that the volume is not mix correctly, press the Back button.

Set up the clip format & export

Before you save the final result with the đoạn clip sound you need, you can choose the clip format in which you want to lớn save the final file. There are three options - MP4, MKV & MOV. If you vày not select a tệp tin format, the clip will be saved in the mặc định format. Lớn cancel the results, press Reset. Khổng lồ save the tệp tin as is, click Save.

Keep in mind that the quality of audio plays a very important role. If you increase đoạn phim volume, the volume of noise also increases. The application does not reduce noise & does not increase the overall sound quality of the video.

The main reason for changing đoạn clip volume is when the audio is not loud enough. This may be necessary, for example, if you have a recording of a presentation and the speaker"s voice is too quiet. You can use different types of programs to lớn make it louder.

There are professional video clip editors that offer many other features, for example, from Adobe or Sony. However, if you need to make your đoạn clip sound louder or quieter, these programs are not the best choice. They have an overloaded interface. Khổng lồ use them, you need to lớn have previous clip editing skills. Our app is considered the easiest in the industry. Using it, you can complete your tasks in seconds.

Make a đoạn phim Louder & Improve your Content!

With this đoạn clip editing tool, you may сhange audio in your video clip and further use it for advertising, a personal blog, a hit for TikTok, và it feels so comfortable when you can set the volume yourself if you have two or three tracks in line and you need lớn fit them all together. What is important, videos remain of the same resolution after editing.

Amplify video clip Sound Yourself

To boost the volume, all you have to vày is dragging the volume slider to lớn the right (to increase the volume) or khổng lồ the left (to decrease it), & then simply saving the video in the desired format. It"s that simple.

High unique Output

Changing the volume does not degrade the original sound unique in any way. If the sound is good, making the sound of the clip louder or lower will not affect the quality, & you can enjoy the sound.

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This video clip volume booster is an easy audio enhancer. It is suitable even for beginners. The intuitive interface makes it possible khổng lồ work with the tool even for people who have no experience with similar editors before.

Increase & Lower Volume in Seconds

Changing the volume is done in seconds. The vps quickly processes the file, và then all you have to do is save the result lớn your computer or sản phẩm điện thoại device.

No Installation

The application works directly in your browser. You don"t need to tải về any installation files or install a software program. All you need khổng lồ work with the tool is a PC or mobile device and a browser.


This online đoạn clip volume booster works fast, & you can edit clips in seconds. Everything works instantly while retaining the original unique of your videos.

Works with any đoạn phim format

Our app works with all types of đoạn clip formats: MP4, MKV, AVI, 3PG và MOV. You can make this video volume booster a handy useful equalizer that is totally simple khổng lồ use.

If you need lớn make the video louder, you need to download the original clip and enhance it by clicking on the volume icon. When you reach the desirable audio volume, save it & export.
Yes. After you increase the volume of your clip you are able to giới thiệu it lớn any social truyền thông media you want. All the most popular platforms are waiting for you khổng lồ import your đoạn clip there.
Yes. After changing the video volume, you can save it in any format you want. To bởi vì so, click on the editor panel and choose the format on the list. The most popular one is MP4, but there are also AVI, FLV, 3GP, MKV, M4V and others.
Yes, the tool can be called a great volume booster, và for sure, it can also lower the sound of any video. You just need lớn reduce the volume in the downloaded video clip and save it like that.