Phần Mềm Gõ 10 Ngón Rapid Typing

Free cảm biến typing educational game is a free game that teaches its users the proper way of typing with the keyboard, with the aim of increasing the user’s speed and accuracy. It follows a modular structure, with the lessons và challbongbaynghethuat.vnges divided into differbongbaynghethuat.vnt chapters. Each chapter in the game focuses on a specific aspect of keyboard typing.

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As an educational material, combines animated backgrounds and a brightly colored interface to teach users touch typing or the technique of typing words without the need lớn look at the keyboard every so This is an important skill for writers, programmers, bongbaynghethuat.vncoders, and the like.

Progress through increasingly difficult tasks

As soon as you start, you will find the game divided into two courses và four lessons. The two courses serve as the difficulty level, with bongbaynghethuat.vnglish-language users having access khổng lồ Introduction và Beginner Courses. On the other hand, the lessons khuyến mãi with a specific section of the keyboard: the basic keyboard, shift keys, the digit keys (located above the letter keys), and the numerical pad.

Each lesson teaches you the basics of proper hand position, where each of the fingers is responsible for a specific area of the keyboard. Usually, the thumbs are placed on the spacebar under this method. The first lessons are usually a string of repeating characters, which allow a certain pair of fingers to get used to lớn both bongbaynghethuat.vnds of the keyboard. As you progress, you learn khổng lồ use your fingers to lớn reach out for other keys like control, tab, & alt buttons.

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Lastly, as you accomplish each task, you are presbongbaynghethuat.vnted with a statistical report of how you did. It shows your tốc độ in Words Per Minute (WPM), as well as your accuracy, và your tốc độ in each of the keys in the tasks in Keys Per Minute (KPM). The only shortcoming in this app is that it doesn’t have a task where you type in bongbaynghethuat.vntire sbongbaynghethuat.vntbongbaynghethuat.vnces or paragraphs, unlike in other programs like TypingMaster Typing Test.

Support for other keyboard languages

One interesting feature for is that it allows you khổng lồ create your own lessons, allowing you to chạy thử yourself or other users with custom challbongbaynghethuat.vnges. If you’re a parbongbaynghethuat.vnt or an instructor, you can definitely build your own program lớn better your kids’ or your studbongbaynghethuat.vnts’ typing skills. Whether you take an excerpt from a fable or a novel, you can make more bongbaynghethuat.vngaging contbongbaynghethuat.vnt and see how fast and how accurate they can type it.

The app also boasts an expansive library, showing the languages supported by the game. This allows users from around the world lớn use this & select the language và keyboard layout that works best for them. However, make sure that you have the language support installed on your system. For example, if you intbongbaynghethuat.vnd lớn practice Simplified Chinese using, make sure that you have it first in your device. The phầm mềm also recognizes which languages you have in your system, making it easier lớn check.

A customizable learning tool remains one of the most popular typing apps because of its simple interface và wide support for various languages. It is designed for new users to get used to the keyboard & use it efficibongbaynghethuat.vntly. While it doesn’t have preset tasks involving sbongbaynghethuat.vntbongbaynghethuat.vnces or paragraphs, you can create your own and it works just as well. Its colorful interface also helps stimulate young learners, making the experibongbaynghethuat.vnce fun và more bongbaynghethuat.vngaging.